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We are Audience Republic

Our mission is to help event promoters increase ticket sales, and to get closer to their fans in the process
Left: Jared Kristensen (CEO), Right: Jason MacLulich (CTO)

How we got the gig

It’s no accident that we got helping promoters increase ticket sales. Jared Kristensen, our CEO and former event promoter himself, knows more than most the perils of running an event. After losing $20k on a gig that didn’t set the world on fire, he set out to find a better way to promote events and like a phoenix, Audience Republic was born.

What we believe

Nothing beats word of mouth

As every promoter knows, fans are 10x more likely to buy a ticket if they know their friends are going. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing, so we’re all about helping you get more word of mouth.

You should own your data

Don’t be reliant on social media & paid advertising to sell tickets. Own your audience so you can reach fans direct, rather than being at the mercy of ever-changing news feed algorithms and cash-hungry advertising.

Meet the team

Jared Kristensen
CEO & Co-founder
Jason MacLulich
CTO & Co-founder
Ben Sharp
Board Member
Brad Couper
Board Member
Dom Milbert
Director of Finance
Stephanie Lloyd-Smith
VP, Customer Success
Nikolai Herbstritt
Director of Engineering
Scotty O'Brien
Global Director of Sales
Leah Harris
Exec. Assistant, CEO
Chris Woods
Director of Sales
Brad Jordan
Music Partnerships
Kenny Zuniga
Music Partnerships
Kitty Stack
Music Partnerships
Larry Lapointe-Simard
Music Partnerships
Matt Jones
Music Partnerships
Nicholas Vincent
Music Partnerships
Tyson Maddison
Music Partnerships
Andrei Benea
Business Development Rep.
Harrison Torode
Business Development Rep.
Bri Willis
Customer Success Manager
Chay Craft
Customer Success Manager
Sam Houghton
Customer Success Manager
Ben Jones
Growth Marketing Manager
Elle Ahrens
Customer Support Specialist
Joshua Young
Snr. Manager, Revenue Ops
Rod Yates
Marketing Manager, Content
Jade Ryuki
Marketing Coordinator
Chris English
Snr. Manager, Product
Lakshey Kumar
Product Manager
Will Nolan
Product Manager
Will Tapp
Product Designer
Alesya Huzik
Software Architect
Luke Cooper
Software Team Lead
Michal Swierczynski
Software Team Lead
Owen Riddy
Software Team Lead
Abhi Mothe
Snr. Software Engineer
Eric Studley
Snr. Software Engineer
Justin Davidson
Snr. Front End Developer
Tom Dunham
Snr. DevOps Engineer
Aletheia Grace del Rosario
Front End Developer
Artur Dumchev
Software Engineer
Brett McKinnon
QA Engineer
Elia Scotto
Software Engineer
Ivan Grishaev
Software Engineer
Liudmila Filatova
Software Engineer
Punit Naik
Software Engineer
Denis Kolosov
Software Engineer
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