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Product Updates
August 15, 2022

August Product Update

We’re excited to share our August update with you following another busy month! We’ve released a range of features that now make our platform even more powerful for our customers. 

Say hello to our new Support widget 

If you need help using a feature in the platform, you can now find the answers to all your questions by clicking on the ? icon in the main menu.

You can now search and view articles from our Help Centre right within the platform, as well as being able to contact our friendly team if you need support.

Surprise & delight with birthday and purchase triggers 

Take fan engagement to the next level with an automated email or SMS on their birthday offering exclusive discounts on merch or tickets. 

You can also trigger reminder messages on ticket purchase, offering upsell opportunities such as merchandise or pre-loaded F&B credits. 

Getting granular with automated tags 

Enrich your data and save time by automatically creating tags when fans complete certain actions.

For example, if somebody signed up for your Indie Rock festival, you can now trigger a tag to be applied against them to show they’re a fan of Indie Rock music.

To try these features, you'll need Automation activated on your account. Please click the button below to chat with our friendly Customer Success team.

Make the most of your signups by reordering fan options

You asked, we delivered! Campaign registration fields can now be reordered, as well as the ‘share’ and ‘invite’ buttons, allowing greater customization for your campaigns. 

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