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March 10, 2021

Return of the hologram?

International borders all around the world are closed. International travel is almost completely shut down.

It's a very long way off. But there will be a time where large scale gatherings are permitted again.

But what will come first? International travel, or large scale gatherings?

There could be a scenario where large scale gatherings are permitted, but not international travel.

Could that open up a possibility for the return of the hologram? Artists that are unable to tour could perform without having to travel.

Multiple cities could be performed to simultaneously (provided in a similar timezone).

Not a replacement by any means, but would it be better than nothing?

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Article by
Jared Kristensen

Jared is the CEO & Co-founder at Audience Republic. Jared is also the Executive Producer of the Music Tech Summit which explores how technology is completely changing the music industry.