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January 20, 2021

The All-in-One Messaging Platform Purpose-Built for Events

We are excited to announce our product feature - Messaging - an all-in-one messaging platform designed for event organizers and promoters. Before we dive in, let's take a look at why messaging matters.

At Audience Republic one of our core beliefs is that owning your data will help you drive more ticket sales. And as an event organizer you have customer and sales data scattered across multiple ticketing providers, social media, and email databases such as Mailchimp. That is why we have built our software platform, known as Audience Manager, to bring together your different sources of data in one place.

Part of owning your data is knowing what to do with it and how to effectively use it to drive ticket sales revenue. To have full ownership of your data, it’s crucial to communicate with fans directly across the right channel such as email, SMS, and social media. Put simply, meet your fans where they are at.

In recent years there has been an insurgence of new communication methods to reach fans including sponsored stories on social, chatbots, and influencer marketing. And while these newer methods hold value, event organizers and producers should not neglect the power of reaching your fans directly. Here’s why.

Email marketing may not be new but it is certainly still king. Below are some pretty staggering stats on email marketing that you should know:

- Email marketing generates $38 in revenue to every $1 spent (that’s an ROI of 3800%!)
- Active email accounts are at 5.6 Billion in 2019
- 99% of consumers check their email everyday
- 59% of consumers say email marketing influences their purchasing decisions

As another channel of direct communication with fans, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are proven forces to be reckoned with. Check out these messaging application stats:

- Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded app (just behind Facebook)
- WhatsApp is the fifth most download app
- Facebook Messenger users send 8 Billion messages a day
- Marketing messages on Facebook Messenger have a 70-80% open rate

You may not realize this but SMS Messaging is still a top performing marketing channel. In fact, SMS Messaging is making a comeback. It’s a cost effective way to actively reach your audience without spending a lot. Here’s why you should add SMS Messaging into your marketing mix:

- SMS messages have a 98% open rate
- 90% of SMS messages are read in 3 minutes or less
- 75% of consumers are OK with receiving SMS messages from brands (once they opt-in)

Those numbers alone are reason enough to invest marketing dollars in direct messaging. And lucky for you, we make communicating with your fans a lot easier. Our latest product feature Messaging - an all-in-one platform that helps event organizers send targeted messages to their fans across multiple channels.

Here’s a look at how Messaging works across each channel:

Email Marketing

You can easily create beautiful emails in just a few minutes utilizing the easy-to-use drag & drop content builder. Emails are fully customizable so you can use your use your existing event artwork, brand, and artwork.

We make sending targeted emails easy with segmentation. Utilizing your custom tags and filters you can build segmented lists so you target the right people with the right message. Further personalize your emails with dynamic fields.

Are you currently using another email provider? You may be overspending. Our email marketing is about 20% less than Mailchimp.

Email images 01
Facebook Messenger

We make it easy for event organizers to send targeted Facebook Messenger campaigns that will instantly reach your fans. Just follow the simple steps of choosing your subscribers to target, type in your message and hit send.

To further extend your brand, soon you will be able to include images and animated gifs in your messages. And coming soon: you’ll be able to reach your audience via WhatsApp.

Fb mess images 01
SMS Messaging

Sending personalized SMS messages to a mass audience is now easy. Simply select your subscribers, type in your message and hit send.

We have you covered as we support all global mobile carriers.

Sms mess images 01
Track Your Marketing ROI

Tracking ROI of each marketing channel is important to every event organizer. Within the platform you can view the key email and messaging performance stats that you care about. Track and measure performance open rates, clicks and (coming soon) ticket sales for each email you send.

We help you handle opt in and out management. Opt-in forms can be easily customized for you to share with your fans to opt-into receiving communications from you.

Check out our all-in-one Messaging platform here. If you are an event organizer and want to sell more tickets, start sending messages to your fans today by creating a free account. Get started here.

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Bri Willis