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December 7, 2020

The Top 5 Ways to Sell More Tickets with Audience Insights

Have you heard about our latest product feature Insights? It’s everything you need to know about your fans to sell more tickets. Read on to learn why.

When it comes to converting your fans into ticket buyers, having a large database isn’t enough. Today’s buyers want to engage with the events they attend on a level that feels catered to their personal needs and interests.

Obviously a large customer database certainly helps you reach more potential ticket buyers. However, the days of spray and pray marketing are over. User segmentation is more important than ever. According to recent research from Mailchimp, segmented campaigns get 14.37% more opens and 64.78% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns.

But it’s difficult to keep up with database management let alone segmentation. Most event organizers have soiled customer and user data scattered across multiple ticketing platforms, across social media, and in your email database provider. Fortunately, Audience Manager is the all-in-one platform that helps you combine all of your data, from multiple sources, in one place.

If you are seeing poor performance metrics from your marketing campaigns - such as declining email opens, low display ad click throughs and most importantly, not selling out all of your tickets - your database may be in serious need of segmentation.

Even basic buyer segmentation, such as city, will help you gleam greater insights into your existing database that you can use for targeted messaging. For example, if you notice that most of your ticket buyers are out-of-towners, you could run a competition to win a travel voucher to your event. This type of offering speaks directly to their need of spending additional money, beyond the cost of a ticket, to attend your event. Segmentation helps you create personalized marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

Now that you understand the importance of segmentation, you may be wondering how you should segment your database.

Look no further! We now offer Insights - everything you need to know about your fans to sell more tickets — including how much they’ve spent on tickets to your events, which of your events they’ve attended and their contact information.

Here are the top 5 ways you can sell more tickets with Insights:

1. Your top spenders
Identify your top fans that have spent the most money at your event(s). These are the fans who support your event and brand the most. Keep their support, and encourage them to keep buying tickets, by rewarding them with awesome experiences such as giveaways, VIP tickets, or meet and greets. You can also unlock further insights about these customers, so you can find more of them. This data is based on previous campaigns and events you have run.

2. Your most loyal fans
Find your fans that have attended the most of your events. These fans are the die-hards that are loyal to your event no matter the time of year or location. Keep these loyal fans by showing them that you value their continued support with personalized messages and offerings to them. After all, the show wouldn’t go on without fans.

Highest value customers loyal

3. Demographic information
Gain a deeper understanding of your ticket buyer profiles with demographic information like age and gender. Have you ever run ads on Facebook and wondered what age range you should use for targeting? Wonder no more! You may be surprised to learn that the average age of your ticket buyer database is different than you thought.

Insights all contacts

4. Most popular artists and tracks
See which artists and tracks your fans are listening to the most. With our Spotify integration, we pull in data from your fan’s listening history over the last 90 days. This data is extremely helpful for concert and music festival promoters to use when thinking about next year’s artist lineup. Get closer to your fans by getting a deeper understanding of the artists they listen to on the daily.

5. Future ambassadors
Identify new ambassadors that can sell tickets for you and further extend the reach of your event’s brand. Top referrers are people who have referred the most friends for your Campaigns such as pre-sale, competitors, or waitlists. Send a direct message to invite your top referrers to become ambassadors to sell tickets for you.

Top referrers artists

Do more with the top 5 Insights:
With Audience Manager, Insights are available for event organizers to use across your entire database from multiple sources. Run Insights against custom audiences, or segmented audiences, that you have built based off of your filters and tags. Utilizing said filters and tags, you’ll get Insights on super-specific segments such as fans who purchased tickets last year but not yet this year or fans between 25-34 years old that live in Sydney, Australia and love Rufus Du Sol.

You can get creative in your marketing outreach and advertising utilizing even basic Insights, or segmentation. Let’s use our previous example of demographic data such as location:

  • Location-based competition - launch a competition campaign for two fans based in Sydney to win free flights to your event in Melbourne
  • Regional Facebook advertising - create a Facebook Custom Audience for all your fans that live in a particular city to launch targeted ads
  • Time-based SMS messages - send direct messages to your fans at the optimal time for them based on their timezone

With these Insights, you can reach your fanbase in a whole new way to help you sell more tickets. Audience Republic can help you unlock the insights that may be hidden your existing database. Start gaining insights on your customers by getting started for free here.

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Article by
Bri Willis