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June 14, 2022

Are you taking full advantage of your lineup announcement?

You’ve worked so hard to secure an awesome lineup and worked even harder to keep it a secret. When your lineup drops, it will create a huge amount of excitement and anticipation.

Cue the press coverage, social sharing and tagging. The countdown until fans get to see their favorite artists and acts hit the stage has begun. 

But, are you taking full advantage of your lineup announcement? Are you utilizing every tool and tactic available to create an awesome lineup announcement that doesn’t get lost in the noise? How do you stand out? 

Why do lineup announcements matter? 

There are a few key moments that have a significant impact when it comes to the success of your festival:

  • The general festival announcement such as dates and location 
  • The lineup announcement
  • Pre-sale and GA ticket release and; 
  • Competitions 

To put it straight, your lineup announcement is one of the most critical points to generate hype and demand in your festival marketing campaign.

How do you take advantage of your lineup announcement? 

This is the key moment for you to capitalize on. The artist names have been released, you’re gaining attention in the press and among fans. 

But, can you take it one step further, can you supercharge your lineup announcement so it becomes the festival to get tickets to this year? The answer, yes. 

Launch a presale campaign with your lineup 

You’re planning to create buzz and excitement with your lineup announcement. You’ll pour a tonne of marketing effort and resource into the announcement. 

But don’t do all that work for just buzz and buzz alone hoping this will sell tickets. Capitalize on the buzz. Turn it into something of value to you.

Build out an audience of these excited fans by accompanying the lineup announcement with a presale campaign

A presale campaign will help you leverage your lineup announcement to build a massive audience you own, which will help you sell the remainder of your general on-sale, while also generating and gauging demand for additional dates. 

Increase reach for free through the power of your fans 

Make your lineup announcement go viral and see up to 25 x more presale registrations through pure fan power. 

Use your fans to get the word out about your lineup through the sharing of the presale registration link.

Fans who share the presale registration link across their social media platforms and refer friends enter the competition and earn points to win exclusive prizes that you have set. The more they share, the more points they earn and the more reach you get. 

Build your audience with a ballot  

Know that you’ve hit the nail on the head with your lineup? Know once it drops, you’ll sell out in minutes? Launch a ballot campaign with the lineup announcement.

This way, you’re still building an audience you own, so you can market future events to them at a fraction of the cost of Facebook Ads and other advertising channels. 

Before tickets go on sale, fans register via the ballot for access to tickets. To earn points they share, refer friends to register & follow you. The top point scorers get guaranteed access to tickets. 

Lineup Legends 

Need some inspiration for your next lineup announcement? We’ve handpicked a few examples to give you a head start. 

Mad Cool Festival’s ‘Letter of Fortune’ Lineup Poster 

The team behind Madrid’s Mad Cool festival chose to play a game with their fans, Letter of Fortune. 

Fans voted for a letter to be revealed on the festival poster via the Mad Cool’s socials. Each day, the letter with the highest votes was revealed. 

This created excitement, anticipation and fan participation in the lineup announcement.

Boston Calling’s Scavenger Hunt 

Giving fans the opportunity to exclusively hear about their lineup before anyone else, and score a pair of three-day General Admission tickets to the festival, Boston Calling created “Find the Vinyl,” a citywide scavenger hunt. 

Boston Calling designed ten vinyl records with the lineup scripted on the record and special edition festival artwork on the sleeve. 

The records were hidden at key landmarks and hot spots throughout the city with clues to their whereabouts being shared on Boston Calling’s social media accounts. 

Make your next lineup go viral

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Photo by James Genchi

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Article by
Zac Messih

Zac is the Content & Partnerships Marketing Manager at Audience Republic. His previous experience includes working at Live Nation and top global creative agencies such as Leo Burnett and DDB.