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Ben Allen

"We started looking at platforms like Hubspot, Zoho etc. [but] there’s really nothing that is built for event promoters. That’s where Audience Republic comes in”.

Ben Allen
Marketing Director
Live Nite Events (LNE)
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Ben Gillies

With Audience Republic, the support has been incredible, also the price point, it's just a much more competitive price point [in comparison to Mailchimp].

Ben Gillies
Solo Artist
Ben Gillies
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Jake Clavette

We can put our events in front of the right people instead of wasting marketing dollars just throwing out an event via Facebook, Instagram, whatever it may be.

Jake Clavette
Stereo Punks
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Make your presale go viral

Multiply your presale registrations by incentivising fans to register early and refer their friends.

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Leverage high-demand events

Strengthen your database by getting fans to register for tickets to sell-out events before they even go on sale.

Promote your competition


Hype-inducing competitions

Incentivise fans to enter your competition and reward them based on their engagement.

Promote your wait list

Wait List

Excite your waiting fans

Incentivise fans to join your wait list and allocate tickets based on their engagement.

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Why events love


Unlike other platforms, Audience Republic is designed to support live events. This means every feature, filter, tag, segment, automation and integration has been specifically developed to benefit you and your fans.

Purpose built for live events

Every feature, filter, tag, segment and integration has been specifically developed for the use of live events.

Maintain data ownership

With complete ownership over your audience data, there’s less reliance on selling tickets via social media.

Event specific customer support

Our support team only works with events and is committed 100% to solving event specific problems. There’s nothing they haven’t seen.

All Features

The full feature set

Fully customizable

Customize the campaign with your brand colours, artwork & video

Embeddable widgets

Embed as a widget on your site, so fans never need to leave!

Tracking pixels

Add pixels to the page, for example Facebook Ads or Tag Manager

Self service setup

Easily setup campaigns yourself using our simple setup process

Data ownership

The data you collect is yours, and you can export at anytime

Automatic notifications

Fans are automatically notified about the points they earn

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize and brand my gamified campaign?

Absolutely. All of our campaigns are completely customizable.

You can customize the following elements of an Audience Republic gamified campaign:

  • Header artwork
  • Prize artwork
  • Video
  • Banner and button color
  • Button call to action text
  • Copy
  • URL

How can I prevent cheating in campaigns?

Audience Republic has several measures in place to ensure all campaign entries, registrations and points are valid.

To protect your campaign, ensure that mobile number is enabled as part of registration. This will allow SMS verification for fans, and our algorithm can determine any suspicious activity. We also recommend users set up email verification to ensure that your campaign is filled only with verified, high-quality contacts.

How do fans know when they have earned points?

Campaigns have automated notifications which reward fans for inviting more friends.

Audience Republic campaigns automatically notify fans when their friends' accept their invitation to register. When fans refer a friend to the campaign, they get an additional 10 points and an automatic email notification. The email has been carefully crafted and tested to drive engagement.

The email specifies which friend accepted the invite, encourages them to earn more points and drives them back into the platform to invite more friends. This mechanism is key in making the the campaign go viral but also encourages group ticket buying behaviour.

Can the Audience Republic team assist with my campaign set up?

Absolutely! Our team is well versed in gamified campaign set up, and always happy to help. We also have several guides on best practices to follow, along with tips & tricks to boost fan engagement and registration.

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