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LALA Festival / Club Meraki

How the organizers of LALA Festival and Club Meraki increased pre-sale sign ups by 67%

LALA Festival and Club Meraki are premium boutique events deeply rooted in bringing European sounds and experiences to Australia. Looking for a way to drive community engagement, boost ticket sales and put their existing Eventbrite ticketing data to use, the organizers engaged Audience Republic, a CRM and marketing platform built specifically for the events sector.

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Targeting a niche demographic

Club Meraki is an exclusive Greek club night, hosting local, interstate and international acts. LALA Festival is a boutique Euro-summer-inspired dance music festival. With both events deeply rooted in culture and community, Founder Michael Karagiannis initially tried to reach his demographic through paid social media advertising.

Soon realizing that the ad groups were too broad to reach his niche demographic, Michael redirected his ad spend and efforts to using Audience Republic's gamified campaigns tool. First, he used it to incentivize a Club Meraki pre-sale. This meant his audience could win points by registering for the pre-sale, sharing the event with their friends, following on social media, and/or connecting their Spotify accounts. The highest point scorer would win a complimentary bottle package at the event.

Immediately, the community was gripped and word spread like wildfire. So much so, Club Meraki saw a 67% increase in sign ups for the next event.

"I found that I was getting around 67% more signups compared to the older platform that I used. I had more people signing up, and they were in my niche, which was better for me because it's such a small community and my ads weren't hitting."
Screengrab of a gamified campaign using the Audience Republic platform

Migrating all past event, ticketing and audience data from Eventbrite

Looking to leverage all past audience and event data, Michael utilized Audience Republic's integration with his ticketing provider, Eventbrite. In two simple steps, all his existing data was immediately migrated to Audience Republic, where he could put it to use by building fan profiles, segments, sending marketing emails and/or marketing SMS messages.

"I can see past buyers who have spent a lot of money on their booths, so I have a campaign specifically for that list. And then I also have a list for my top buyers, the ones that are always buying GA tickets... it's opened up a whole new world to how I engage with my customers."
Screen shot of fans previous event attendance within the Audience Republic platform

Keeping a finger on the pulse with real-time ticketing data

The integration with Michael's ticketing provider also means he gets access to real-time data feeding into the Audience Republic CRM dashboard. This allows him to monitor how his current events and ticket sales are performing, and attribute ticket sales directly to marketing activities or emails that he has sent.

"I get to see what's happening in my event, in real time. How many tickets we're selling, how many people are clicking on links. It helps me with my decision making, how I'm going to approach my marketing, the event in general, and also future events."
Insights dashboard showing ticket sales within Audience Republic's platform

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