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Live Nite Events (LNE)

Live Nite Events needed a CRM and marketing platform that could facilitate their ambitious growth plans

Live Nite Events (LNE) has grown into one of the most prominent independent full-service event companies in the United States. Responsible for producing hundreds of concerts and large-scale festivals featuring artists like Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lemar, Snoop Dogg and countless others.

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LNE prides itself on working with industry-leading talent and providing state-of-the-art production, while maintaining focus on the fan experience. To deliver their goal of “making memories for fans that will last a lifetime”, LNE set their sights on Audience Republic, a CRM and marketing platform built specifically for events.

A consumer of one of LNE's festivals registering for presale access

Consolidating platforms

At a crucial point in their scaling operations, LNE were stuck using an amalgamation of individual systems for their CRM and marketing needs. Realizing both the cost and time inefficiencies this caused, and the increased risk of data loss or manipulation, LNE went to market for “one product to rule them all”.

"Anytime you start bringing data between different external systems, you're increasing the points of failure and the potential for data to be manipulated wrong. When everything is in one system, and that system has all of the tools that a promoter needs, it makes things a lot simpler and a lot safer."

“We started looking at one product to rule them all. Naturally we started looking at platforms like Hubspot, Zoho etc. [but] there’s really nothing that is built for event promoters. That’s where Audience Republic comes in”.
LNE creating and maintaining their events on the Audience Repbulic platform

Increasing marketing efficiencies

Having one platform that catered to their entire marketing and CRM needs meant the team at LNE could drive efficiencies from the start. Making use of the gamified data capture campaigns to grow their audience, they could then segment this data and use it to build emails, send SMS messages and sync fans directly to their Facebook custom audiences for paid advertising campaigns.

“What makes Audience Republic increasingly useful is not just how much better each of their individual features are within the platform, but the fact that they're all connected”.

“Audience Republic streamlines and consolidates a lot of tools that many promoters use into one platform. When everything's consolidated in one platform, life just gets a little easier.”
The LNE team segmenting and targeting their audience based on their behaviours and history

Targeting the right people at the right time

Looking to deliver an exceptional fan experience and create memories that last a lifetime, LNE realized the importance of having a deep understanding of their fans and being able to segment and target them based on this information.

"Audience Republic provides us the ability to isolate people that have attended similar events in the past, but haven't made it to our most recent event, or purchased tickets to the same festival this year. Being able to do that in a matter of seconds and without having to pick apart Excel sheets saves a massive amount of time and headache”.

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