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November 9, 2022

Audience Republic brings TikTok and Twitch to its Campaigns platform ⚡️

We’re proud to announce our partnership with TikTok and Twitch, bringing new and exciting capabilities to Campaigns and leveling up engagement with your social channels.

How does it work?

Follow TikTok and Twitch 

It’s easy to add your TikTok and Twitch accounts in the “Earn more points” section of the Audience Republic platform.


Once added, both TikTok and Twitch options will be visible when fans are prompted to follow and subscribe. Want to increase your TikTok subscribers? You can set the points score for each individual follow option, giving more airtime to the platforms you’re looking to grow.


Share via TikTok and Twitch 

Fans can also now utilize their TikTok and Twitch accounts to invite their friends to sign up for your presale registration. This amplifies your reach and allows fans to earn even more points.

These latest partnerships empower event organizers to build an audience they own and increase word-of-mouth reach for campaigns, resulting in more ticket sales.

To see the latest TikTok and Twitch features in action or to ask any questions, book a demo with our team. 

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