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August 28, 2023

Mastering Events Podcast Episode #2: Mike Mauer (SaveLive, Sparrow)

Mike Mauer is the VP of Marketing, Data & Technology at SaveLive, and the founder and CEO of concert marketing platform Sparrow.

He got his start in events back in 2008 when he interned at The Webster Theater in Connecticut, and in the years since has worked across companies and venues such as Huka Entertainment, White Oak Music Hall and Stage Right Entertainment, and festivals such as Tortuga, Hogs for the Cause, BeachLife, and many more.

He is an event marketing, advertising and strategy guru with a seemingly endless supply of great insights, many of which he shares in this interview.

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Article by
Rod Yates

Rod is the Marketing Content Manager at Audience Republic. He was previously the editor of Rolling Stone Australia and Kerrang! Australia. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich once sent him a toaster – which was very thoughtful of him.