Mastering Events Podcast Episode #24: Corey Topp (Sellout Digital)
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July 2, 2024
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Mastering Events Podcast Episode #24: Corey Topp (Sellout Digital)

The Founder and Director of Sellout Digital on Marketing Events and the Techniques for Selling Them Out

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Rod Yates
Rod Yates
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Corey Topp is the Founder and Director of Sellout Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in events.

He is well versed in the art of selling out an event. Exhibit A is his own festival, Reminisce, which he grew from a backyard party into an annual 10,000 capacity event in Melbourne. And then there’s Tailgate, a 1500-capacity Superbowl party he launched and sold out in just 16 days earlier this year.

With Sellout Digital Corey has helped many other events achieve similar results, using a program he developed called the Sellout Marketing System.

We talk about the different elements of that system in this interview, from crafting your event campaign messaging like a TV series through to maximizing your ROI on Meta ad campaigns. Corey also has experience working in digital across the banking and gambling industries, and brings all of that experience into this conversation.

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Mastering Events Podcast Episode #24: Corey Topp (Sellout Digital)

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