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The CRM and marketing platform of choice for Megatix customers.

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The CRM for Megatix users

Automatically sync your Megatix ticketing, event and attendee data directly to Audience Republic. From here you can understand your fans on a deeper level, create fan profiles, filter, segment, engage and grow your audience.

Email and SMS marketing for Megatix users

Put your ticketing data to use by filtering, segmenting and creating targeted email and SMS lists. With Audience Republic's native email and SMS builders, you can create branded messages, personalize them with dynamic content and optimize through A/B testing and automation.

Attribute ticket sales to marketing activities

Audience Republic enables you to track ticket purchases directly back to marketing activities through our conversions feature. Discover the campaigns that drive conversions, and make smarter decisions with your marketing budget.

Grow your audience with gamified campaigns

Use gamified data capture campaigns that promote word of mouth and encourage fans to share your event with their friends. Audience Republic campaigns for pre-sales, competitions, waitlists and ballots have been found to boost audience numbers by 25x.

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Retrospective Data Sync:

Whilst we do everything in our power to ensure this information is kept up to date, we are reliant on third-party ticketing websites and API's to push through data.

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