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Automatically sync historic and current Moshtix ticketing data to Audience Republic’s CRM and marketing platform with no manual work necessary.

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The CRM for Moshtix users

Moshtix customers can now instantly sync their event data, along with any attendee data, directly to Audience Republic. From here they can uncover insights, create segments, build audience profiles and communicate with fans using a suite of marketing tools.

Marketing tools for Moshtix users

With Audience Republic, Moshtix users have access to a full suite of marketing tools such as email, SMS, Meta Custom Audiences, automation and gamified data capture campaigns. These tools can be used to grow, target and engage audiences.

Automatic data flow from Moshtix

The integration between Audience Republic and Moshtix means that any past, present or future events (and their attendees) automatically pull through to the Audience Republic platform without requiring any manual work.

The full feature set

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Event Data:

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Ticket / Order Data:

Sync Tickets/Orders:
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Order ID:
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Contact Data:

Contact ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
Mobile Number:

Data Import / Sync:

Automatic Sync:
Automatic Sync Frequency:
Retrospective Data Sync:

Whilst we do everything in our power to ensure this information is kept up to date, we are reliant on third-party ticketing websites and API's to push through data.

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