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February 20, 2024
SMS Marketing

Boost SMS engagement with Branded Sender ID

Boost your chances of converting SMS messages into ticket sales by adding an additional layer of security for your fans with a branded sender ID.

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Boost SMS engagement with Branded Sender ID
Ben Jones
Snr. Manager, Growth Marketing
Audience Republic

What is a Branded Sender ID for SMS?

When sending bulk SMS messages, typically you will be provided with a dedicated long code number which isn't necessarily unique or recognizable to your business. Branded SMS Sender ID (also commonly known as Alphanumeric Sender ID) enables users to replace this number with their brand or event name. This makes it instantly recognizable to the recipient.

Why is a Branded Sender ID important for events when sending SMS messages?

Having a Branded Sender ID enables events to build rapport with fans, ensures there's a base level of trust between the sender and recipient, and ultimately boosts the chance of converting bulk marketing SMS messages into ticket sales.

With an increase of "Phishing" scams via SMS, fans have never been more alert to receiving messages from unknown numbers or clicking on untrustworthy links. Sending a message with a Branded Sender ID simply adds a level of authority and establishes trust for the recipient, they understand exactly who is sending the message and why it is being sent to them.

This trust increases the likelihood that the recipient will first open the message, and secondly trust any content or links within the message, boosting the likelihood of clicks and transactions.

What regions is Audience Republic's Branded Sender ID available in?

Unfortunately, not all countries or regions (such as the United States) support Branded Sender ID, for reasons outside of Audience Republic's control. So far we have customers using it in the following regions:

  • Australia
  • Netherlands

If your region is not listed, we may still be able to offer it - please contact our team and we can work with you to find a solution.