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October 28, 2022
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Tiktok & Twitch added to campaigns, along with specific list signups and improvements to points

It is safe to say October was a big month for the AR team, with a range of updates to the engagement and point rewarding inside our Campaigns feature.

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Tiktok & Twitch added to campaigns, along with specific list signups and improvements to points
Audience Republic

We’re excited to share our October update with you. We’ve been busy working on a range of features that now make our platform even more powerful for our customers. 

TikTok & Twitch for campaigns ⚡️

It’s finally here! You can now include your TikTok account for fans to follow as well as your Twitch account as part of your campaigns. 

Grow your audience and followers while allowing fans to now earn more points by following even more of your social channels. 


Subscribe to specific email and SMS message lists 📜

Take personalization to the next level by allowing fans to subscribe to specific email and SMS message lists. 

Maximize the impact of your emails by ensuring only the right fans hear about your festivals or tours through separate email and SMS lists for each. 


Follow and save Spotify podcast episodes 🎧

Promoting a podcast? Now you can encourage fans to follow your podcast and save episodes from Campaigns.  

This is a great way to connect with fans beyond their event experience. They can also earn points for following and saving episodes! 


Configure point earn rates by channel and brand 💫

 Users now have the ability to choose the point earn rates per brand and per action, providing more flexibility with how you set up your campaigns.

This customization feature will allow you to get better engagement in your campaigns by further incentivizing fans to take action and share your presale campaign link. 


Get better engagement with higher referral points 🔥

You can now promote more viral registrations by adjusting the amount of points fans can earn for direct referrals in Campaigns.