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Audience CRM
December 14, 2023
Audience CRM

Seamless .csv imports have arrived

Audience Republic users can now enjoy a frictionless and speedy import experience as errors are automatically identified and fixed at the time of import

CSV Imports
Seamless .csv imports have arrived
Ben Jones
Snr. Manager, Growth Marketing
Audience Republic

We have updated our importer!

Import .csv files 10x faster with our latest upgrade. Enjoy a complete frictionless import experience as our technology automatically identifies and fixes errors within your uploads.

What will be flagged and automatically fixed?

🔠  Capital letters and inconsistencies in first and last name formatting

☎️  Errors in country code formatting on phone numbers

✉️  Mistakes in email addresses and domains

📅  Date and time formats

Along with this, users can now easily migrate/import entire audiences, event data, ticket orders and point-of-sale (POS) orders. Meaning more holistic event visibility and reporting is available directly via Audience Republic.