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Hardware needed a marketing platform that could enable them to grow, segment and target their fans

Troubled by venues across Australia and New Zealand using different ticketing systems, Legendary Australian dance music promoter Hardware (Stereosonic, Festival X) was tired of losing visibility over crucial data points such as ticket sales, and set out to find an all-in-one platform they could use to deliver marketing campaigns, against which they could record ticket sales.

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Audience growth with Audience Republic

Hardware have grown their database through gamified data capture features like presale campaigns and competitions
Hardware have grown their database through campaign gamified data capture features

By using Audience Republic, the team at Hardware is able to continuously grow their database through gamified data capture features like presale campaigns and competitions.

"We went from zero data to almost 100,000 fans in our database in just six or seven months of campaigning.”

Visibility over ticketing data

Integrations with ticketing providers, such as Moshtix, Ticketek and more, enable the team to continuously gain unique insights about their fans while also having visibility over their campaign performance and impact on ticket sales.

“There’s 20 ticketing platforms in Australia that are all being used in different venues around the country. Audience Republic integrates with all those different platforms and pulls the data in, so you don’t have to manually do it.”

Targeted campaigns

Event specific filtering options enable them to filter a broad, expansive audience of electronic music fans into smaller segments of sub-genres and interests.

These segments are then auto-synced with Meta’s custom audiences to run paid ad campaigns, and to Audience Republic’s native email and SMS marketing features to deliver targeted messaging, all of which enable Hardware to sell more tickets.

“It’s instantaneous and that’s what you want, a platform that’s going to take the manual stuff out of your workflow and make things easier. The integration with Facebook and the ticketing platforms is fantastic. That’s what sets Audience Republic apart from all the other platforms out there.”

How Hardware used Audience Republic to launch a new festival

When looking to launch Festival X, an annual dance music festival held across five cities in Australia, Hardware turned to Audience Republic. In just a few months of campaigning they saw their audience grow from 0 to having almost 100,000 fans in their database.

To keep fans engaged and to prompt them to share the event with their friends during the build up, Hardware utilized Audience Republic’s competitions feature, offering VIP upgrades and gifts from event sponsors as prizes. As a result, Hardware saw an increase in event awareness, database size and tickets sold. Their relationships with sponsors were also strengthened due to the increased exposure they could offer.

“It just makes life for the marketing manager or the marketing team so much easier.”

Beyond fan growth and engagement, when disaster struck and headliner Megan Thee Stallion pulled out 10 days prior to the event, Hardware relied upon Audience Republic’s native messaging functions to keep fans up to date with the line-up changes.

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