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Why L.A. based dance music promoter Stereo Punks switched from Mailchimp to Audience Republic

Jake Clavette is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles. He is also the CEO and Founder of Stereo Punks, one of LA’s premier club promoters, which throws myriad dance music parties across the city. Dissatisfied with the interface and level of service offered by Mailchimp, Jake came to Audience Republic in search of a CRM and marketing platform, made for events.

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All event, fan and ticketing data in one place

Jake was looking for a CRM that would empower him to quickly make data-driven decisions around Stereo Punks’ marketing and promotion, enabling him to sell more tickets to each event while growing and nurturing the Stereo Punks community.

Dissatisfied with the interface and level of service offered by Mailchimp – “For me, being very data driven, looking at how people respond to events, how to nurture different customers differently, it was missing certain features” – Jake investigated Audience Republic on the recommendation of a fellow promoter. Immediately, he recognized the difference between Mailchimp and Audience Republic, a CRM with an in-depth suite of marketing tools built specifically for events.

"One thing we love about Audience Republic is the fact that there's all of this data under one hood. We have a bunch of different parties that crossover in different ways, different genres, different venues, and with a couple of clicks we can see who's following us to these different parties. We then have ways of nurturing those superfans. What's great is, I don't have to chase down that data. It's just all here under Audience Republic."
A customer using the events dashboard within Audience Republic

Easy to manage ticketing and advertising integrations

Audience Republic’s integrations with multiple ticketing platforms meant that Jake, a DICE customer, simply had to follow a two-step process and immediately his DICE ticketing, audience and event data began to flow through to his Audience Republic account. 

“This [integration] isn't something that has to be managed either. It just continues to work, and allows us to focus on what really matters, which is producing the best events for the communities that we're building.”

Armed with his up to date DICE data all in one place, Jake could then use that information to easily and quickly create custom audiences in Facebook “and create a marketing strategy, instead of going through a litany of tedious steps to do that [like I had to do] on some of these other platforms."

"We can put our events in front of the right people instead of wasting marketing dollars just throwing out an event via Facebook, Instagram, whatever it may be."

Image of an Audience Republic user creating a segment

Time-saving event marketing automations

In the midst of scaling a rapidly growing events company, time is one of Jake’s most precious resources. Recognizing the importance of building a community around Stereo Punks, Jake still wanted to maintain a personal touch to his communications, without having to physically sit down and manually email everyone who subscribes to Stereo Punks’ mailing list. To achieve this, Jake utilizes Audience Republic's marketing automation feature.

“With automations we can set that up. Not only when people sign up with us, but also on birthdays – we like to put ourselves in front of people and say, ‘Hey, if you don't have plans for your birthday, come spend it with us, we'd be more than happy to take care of you.’"

"Automations is how we achieve that without me having to sit there and look through whose birthday it is and who just opted in. It makes it actually achievable."

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