Riding The Wave of Success with Post-Event Presale Campaigns
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June 16, 2022

Riding The Wave of Success with Post-Event Presale Campaigns

It’s all about working smarter instead of harder when it comes to marketing your event.

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It’s all about working smarter instead of harder when it comes to marketing your event. And, one of the smartest ways is to leverage the power of your fans and the high they’ll be riding immediately following your event. 

We’ve all been there. The house lights come back on and you’re left with two feelings. “That was amazing!” met with “I can’t believe it’s over already”. 

You go away and tell everyone about the show while at the same time wishing you could do it all again. 

It’s at this crucial point that you should let your fans know that they can do it all again. 

Why Should You Consider A Post-Event Presale Campaign? 

Presale is one of, if not, the most important time in your event marketing campaign. 

Whether you're running a festival, concert or tour, presale is your best opportunity to sell out as quickly and as easily as possible. 

But, why should you consider running a presale campaign immediately after your event and what benefits does it have? 

  1. Sell out next year, earlier.

    Leverage the success and emotion of this year's event to sell tickets for next year.

    You’ve put on a festival or concert that leaves your fans wanting more. Job done? No. Give them more. There’s no better time to fulfil that desire than with a post-event presale campaign.

    Your fans will be your best and most loyal advocates. They’ll be telling their friends and family how great the show was, and there is no single more powerful marketing tool than peer-to-peer endorsement via word of mouth.
  1. Get more revenue faster.

    A post-event presale campaign is a great way to get more revenue in your back pocket, faster.

    Following the massive revenue hit the music industry has suffered over the last few years, it’s time to flip the script and regain financial control and security.

    Going onsale immediately following this year’s event and locking in revenue will give you greater peace of mind and allow you to focus on all other aspects of your event rather than refreshing the ticket sales page every 10 seconds.  
  1. Own more data to reduce next years ad spend

    Advertising costs aren’t getting any cheaper. Facebook and Instagram ads are becoming more restrictive in reach due to constant algorithm changes and rising CPCs.

    The more data you collect and own via presale registrations, the lower your advertising costs will be. Use your data in Audience Republic’s CRM and automatically sync it to Facebook, allowing you to market via custom audiences. Advertising to custom audiences converts higher at a lower cost.

    By owning your data, you can also market to your audience through cost-effective channels such as email and SMS campaigns.

    SMS has a staggering open rate of 98%, with 90% of messages being read within the first 3 minutes of receipt. Emails sent through the Audience Republic platform have an average open rate of 47% compared to the events industry average of 21%.

  2. Own more data to promote other events

    It’s not just about how you can promote the same event to fans next year. You’ll also be putting on other shows, concerts or festivals that will be of interest to them.

    Use the audience you’ve built to your advantage, keep the conversation going with your fans and continue to promote your other events to them.

    The best part? As you promote other events to your audience, you’ll start to see who’s the most engaged, identify your top spenders, most loyal attendees and who you should reward with surprise and delight experiences. 

How Rhythm & Vines Create Record-Breaking Results with their  Post-Event Presale 

New Zealand’s most successful festival, Rhythm & Vines, are the pros when it comes to post-event marketing. Audience Republic presale campaigns drive their record-breaking results.

Leveraging the success and emotion of their 2019 festival, Rhythm & Vines ran a presale registration for the next year as soon as it had wrapped. Fans, riding high on the post-festival vibes, were eager to lock in their tickets and as you can see, the numbers speak for themselves.

Make Waves With Your Next Post-Event Presale Campaign

It’s essential to consider not just how you can make this year a success but how you can also set yourself up for success in future years by leveraging the power and emotion of fans.  

It’s even more essential to include a post-event presale campaign in your event planning and not make it an afterthought.

Arrange a product demo or create a free Audience Republic account to see Audience Republic’s full range of features that will help you achieve record-breaking ticket sales for your next event. 

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Riding The Wave of Success with Post-Event Presale Campaigns

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