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Unlock powerful insights about your ticket buyers

Use insights to sell more tickets & sponsorships. Identify your top spenders, most loyal attendees, demographics, most popular artists/tracks & potential ambassadors.

Identify your top customers

Discover the fans who support you the most, so you can reward your them with surprise and delight experiences. You can also unlock insights about these customers, so you can find more of them!

Unlock customer demographics & interests

Get closer to your fans by seeing insights including age, gender & top artists/tracks.

Identify ambassadors to sell tickets for you

Top referrers are people who have referred the most friends for Campaigns. Invite your top referrers to become ambassadors to sell tickets for you.

A screenshot of the top referring ticket buyers table on the Audience Republic platform
A screenshot of the audience segments & filters screen on the Audience Republic platform

View insights for segments you create

You can view insights for your entire audience, or use saved filters to view insights for specific segments.

What else can you do with Audience Republic?

Audience Republic products work together. See how else you can use your data to increase ticket sales.

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