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September 14, 2022

How Festivals Can Future-Proof Ticket Sales

Securing the continued success and longevity of a music festival should be at the front of every event organizer’s mind.

If there is anything that the last few years have taught us, it’s that we never really know what’s around the corner. And, with a global recession looming, it’s looking likely that we’re in for more uncertainty over the next few years. 

This should get you thinking about how you can set yourself up for success. How can you future-proof your ticket sales?

In short, being able to future-proof your festival ticket sales is all about building up an engaged audience. With the rising cost of digital advertising and paid social media, owning your fan data has never been more important. 

This removes the over-reliance on paid advertising channels and shifts the power back into your hands allowing you to connect directly with your fans in engaging and meaningful ways.  

We break down exactly how you can future-proof your ticket sales and remove the high costs of digital advertising that’s burning a hole in your back pocket. 

Collect Fan Data To Grow Your Database  

To build an audience you own, you need to collect fan data. Ticket buyers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers is what you’ll need at a minimum so you can market to this audience. 

Campaigns, a product unique to Audience Republic, facilitates this data collection by uniquely gamifying the presale access process. Gamified campaigns are designed to be launched and run alongside your festival date or lineup announcements, allowing your fans to register for presale access.  

Campaigns also amplify your festival by rewarding fans for sharing the presale registration link to friends, family and their social networks. 


By growing the size of your marketable database, you can now communicate with these fans whenever you want, however you want, and it’s all at a fraction of the cost of traditional promotion methods! Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Unlocking The Potential of Your Database 

Use the audience you’ve built to drive ticket sales for future concerts, tours and other festivals you may organize for years to come. This effectively negates the need to spend thousands on Facebook Ads to reach the same audience year after year.

Audience Republic’s Insights product, delivered through our purpose-built CRM for live events, allows you to identify your top spenders, most loyal attendees, unique demographics, and most popular artists/tracks that fans are listening to in order to get a more intimate understanding of the fans that make up your database. 

It’s simple. The more fan data you collect and own, the greater potential you have to supercharge your revenue growth through ticket sales and a loyal fanbase. 

Post-Event Presales 

Imagine if you could lock in next year’s ticket sales now.

Well, you can, with a post-event presale campaign. This leverages the power of your fans and the high they’ll be riding immediately following your event.  

Post-event presales run immediately after your festival wraps, and encourage fans to register for presale access for next year’s concert. There are four main benefits to utilising a post-event presale campaign: 

  1. Selling out next year, earlier.
  2. Growing revenue, faster.
  3. Owning more fan data to reduce next year's ad spend and; 
  4. Owning more data to promote other events.

Post-event presales are the insurance policy for next year’s festival that you didn’t know you needed. 

A mix of increased competition as new festivals make their way onto the calendar and festival-goers tightening their budgets due to rising inflation should have festival organizer’s considering how they lock in the future success of their festival, now. 

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Article by
Zac Messih

Zac is the Content & Partnerships Marketing Manager at Audience Republic. His previous experience includes working at Live Nation and top global creative agencies such as Leo Burnett and DDB.